selling to your grandmother

"Selling to Your Grandmother" is not just another How-To book on sales, but a book written from the perspective, "Imagine if you treated every customer like you would treat your own Grandmother." Most people don't realize that they are in sales. That's right! Whether you knew it or not, you are a salesperson. Filled with some of the authors' own experiences, as well as actual stories from real salespeople, this book provides a simple approach to selling. Highly effective quotes, and entertaining illustrations of Grandma, make reading a breeze. Unlike most sales books, no complicated flow charts or confusing graphs are anywhere to be found. "Selling to Your Grandmother" will capture your imagination, and give you a fresh perspective on how to approach sales. Make sure you have a couple of hours, because once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down.

Powerful Quotes

Selling To Your Grandmother is filled with Powerful Quotes that will make you look at the way you interact with clients in a new light.

Imagine your Own Grandmother

What if you were actually doing business with your own Grandmother?

  • How would you treat her?
  • Would you take advantage of her?
  • Would you tell her the truth?
  • Would you have a good attitude?
  • Would you prejudge her?
  • Would you close the sale?

  • Grandmother Philosophy

Pointed Sketches

Unlike other sales books that have been written, Selling to Your Grandmother will not put you to sleep with graphs and charts. This book won't collect dust and go unread.


Illustrator, Joel Barbee

Joel is a long time freelance illustrator and a graduate of the Chouinard Art Institute. He belongs to the Society of Illustrators and the Art Directors Club in Los Angeles, as well as the Technical Illustrators Management, Editorial Art, and the Magazine Editors Associations. Today, he spends most of his time between his studio and his fishing boat. If you don't find him with a pencil in his hand, he is probably holding a fishing pole somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean.