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consulting and coaching are important to every business large or small.  You should hire a consultant. Businesses and Organizations, large and small, hire consultants consultants to strategize and identify the best solutions to resolve business, organizational, or industry specific challenges. At C2 Unlimited, we have worked with startups as well as multi-million dollar companies. Big or small, we can help. Have an idea that you're not sure how to take to market? Need to make your brand image more consistent? Not sure where to start? Home Based businesses like a cleaning service, computer repair, bookkeeping, tax preparation, day care, ebay assistant, webmaster or website developer, graphic design, desktop publishing, personal trainer, massage therapist, animal breeder, interior decorating, photography studio, or any number of other opportunities, requires having a plan. Hiring C2 Unlimited, you will gain a fresh perspective through our eyes. We lend objectivity and expertise to help you achieve your goals and to help you avoid pitfalls.

Have a brick and mortar? With existing businesses, we will first analyze and identify the areas where performance is lacking and offer solutions to address those needs. The issue may stem from training, or it could be any number of factors, including a lack of communication, or a failure to adequately document processes. We can develop and implement the solutions or offer you a plan for doing it yourself. We can come to your business on perform a one, two, or three day on-site analysis. If your budget doesn't allow for our personal service, we also have phone consultation services available. The choice is yours and we have many options for you to choose from.

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Do you need a Personal Coach? If you are looking for one-on-one personal attention to master your salesmanship or management style, we also offer personal coaching.

Website Consultation Service.

Your website is the first thing most of your perspective clients will see. If it doesn't get the attention of your client, chances are pretty good that you won't get the chance to do business with them. Our Website Consult will help you grow your busines by creating an organized plan for improving your website, determining why your website isn't producing your desired results, design tips to make your site as an effective marketing tool, suggestions for making your website more visible and indexed effectively by all of the search engines, increase your traffic, creating optimal visitor ease-of-use, so that visitors will stay on your site longer, and get visitors to opt-in by purchasing your product, or calling you about your services.

Website Consultation includes a review of the following:

  • Website graphics and page layout
  • Navigation and visitor usability
  • Psychology of color
  • Overview of how search engines see your website and tips for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Overview of marketing text within your site
  • Use of your Brand and your logo throughout your site
  • Consistent use of elements within your site
  • Identification of any technical errors within your site
  • Browser consistency
  • File size as it relates to streaming and downloading
  • How well your site functions as a marketing tool

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