coaching services

Successful people understand the value of having a coach. The most elite athletes in the world all have coaches. Someone to keep them on track and someone who can see a situation or a circumstance differently than you. When a professional golfer loses his rythym in the middle of a round, most times he can't get it back until after the round when he can work with his or her coach. Every professional tennis player has a coach in the stands that they work with between matches.

Just because you might not be a professional athlete, doesn't mean you also need a coach. Someone to help you get back on the horse after it bucks you off. Someone to work together with to help you through a tough situation or a new product launch. We will help bring out the best that is already inside of you and focus on developing you into your highest potential. We will support and encourage you, applaud you, and empathize with you. We will help you to uncover honest insights into where things aren't working. When you hire us to be your coach, we won't do your work for you. We will help you to do your work smarter, more efficiently, and more profitable.

What is the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

A good analogy that illustrates the difference between a coach and a consultant is:

A coach will help you understand how and why you drive a vehicle to move from place to place, help you to determine what's holding you back from driving properly and accident free, and sit in the passenger seat next to you as you drive.

A consultant will explain why one vehicle is superior to another, teach you all the features of the vehicle, how to drive, and if necessary, drive it for you.

We can help you determine which one is best for you is based on your needs and goals, as well your time constraints and deadlines. We often fuse the two together, and work in a coach & consultant mode. This will give you the best of both the coaching and consulting professions:

  • Advice and Expertise when you need it
  • Motivation and Brainstorming when you're stuck
  • Insight to build you and your business to your highest potential

Contact us to discuss whether Coaching or Consulting, or a "fusion" of the two is right for you.