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"SELLING TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER should be required reading for all new salespeople-no matter what your product or service. It's about developing a mindset that not only will help you make a sale today but keep customers coming back to you in the future because of your ability to truly address their needs in a courteous, professional way. And, isn't that the goal of any long-lasting business?"
- Doug Hall, LLD. CEO of the Eureka! Ranch, author of "Jump Start Your Business Brain" and co-author of "Meaningful Marketing"

"When Chris spoke to my employees, he really stressed that we are all salespeople, and treating customers like family will create customers for life. We have now started treating all of our customers like we would treat our own Grandmothers. I have already pre-ordered copies of his book for all of my people." - Brenda Hallas, President & CEO, Drink, Inc.

"Chris Coltran was awesome in L.A. His ability to connect with the audience is great! That is because he treats everyone like his grandma! I highly recommend his book!" - Robert G., Entrepreneur

"SELLING TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER is a fresh and simple concept that makes sense, and anyone who has ever bought or sold anything should read it. I have been teaching people how to sell for over 30 years, and everything I teach is in this book. This will be a required read for every person who works for me, and is also going to be included with our employee handbook."
- Ray Sparling, Co-Owner and General Manager, Sunset Chevrolet, Inc.

"Cover to cover, SELLING TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER teaches simple, common sense techniques that we all need to use everyday. This book will enhance your selling skills and help you to serve others in all areas of your life."
- Jesse D. Starke, Vice-President of Operations, Scott Orthotic Labs, Inc.

"I just attended my first training with Chris Coltran in Orlando. Wow, what a treat! Even though I was in a room FULL of people, it was like he was talking directly to me! His passion and knowledge about communicating is so easily applied to sharing Kangen Water. The philosophy of selling to my 'grandmother' really made sense and I know it will make a huge difference for anyone who experiences his training."
- Tami P., Graphic Designer

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