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Custom training development for management, leadership, sales, and customer service for your business or company. Custom Training Development We develop, write, and facilitate training programs. From a one-day course, to a week long workshop, we can provide the appropriate training for your company or your organization. We offer a variety of training subjects.
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consulting and coaching are important to every business large or small.  You should hire a consultant. Consulting. Depending on your business and your circumstances, we can put together a consulting package to fit your business and your budget. Our goal is to give you the information and the advice to help you reach your full potential.
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professional keynote speaker and author Chris Coltran  provides motivational, inspirational, business leadership and direct sales presentations. Keynote Speaking. Finding a keynote speaker on a budget for your meeting or event can be a challenge. Look no further. We do not have hidden agent or service fees and you work directly with Chris on your custom presentation for your event.
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How to start a business is a question that every entrepreneur should consider wisely and make the right choices. Business Development. There are many stages of a business. From Conception to Research to Development to Licensing to Branding to Marketing and to Managing Growth.
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Customization | Technology

Customized Training

Together, we will create a custom training specific to your company. We will evaluate, develop, write, and facilitate your training. We take all the steps required to create and implement a training program, removing all the middlemen from the process. We have our own development team and graphic experts so nothing is lost in translation.

eLearning | Technology

If you require training to be conducted via the internet, hosted on your own system, or integrated with your HR department, we can handle it. We can develop your eLearning program if you require it. Our training programs can be either Traditional or LMS. If you need an iPad application, we have partnered with some of the best programmers in the industry.


Custom | Leadership | Selling
Analysis of Needs, Design training and learning program, Development of instructional design, Implementation through traditional training, workshops, eLearning and webinars & Evaluation through feedback and results.


Social Media | Web | Print
Marketing Strategy & Branding, Campaign Design, Development and Implementation, Promotional, Advertisments, Print & Online, Corporate Conventions.


Sales | Management
Our leadership and expertise will help you overcome obstacles and achieve your personal goals through coaching and company goals with consulting.