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"So much is written on new ways to improve customer service. Chris does a nice job reminding us that the simplest way may very well be the best way to withstand the test of time." - Mark Anderson, Director of Operations Bob Ward & Sons, Inc.

"The response was great from all participants in the Chicago and Cleveland training events you conducted for the Home Depot. Your approach to the training and curriculum was exciting, refreshing and well perceived by all participants! Our usual training events of the past always we're based on product knowledge and installation techniques and never touched on the sales aspect and pre-qualifying of customers which is what sets the table for a successful experience. I am sure that with the great training you provided we see a measurable increase in sales, and I feel we were all lucky to have your training!! As a shareholder of the Home Depot, I can only hope your training spreads to all Home Depot associates and managers as I believe it would benefit all!" - Tommy Edwards, Vice President of GS Floor Designs, Inc.

"Very upbeat, self motivating, and team building workshop. The format leaves a little bit of each topic fresh in my mind by the end of the day."
- Tom P., Sales Engineer

"I have worked with Chris on two notable occasions: the first occasion Chris was responsible for an industry training session that I attended. Chris impressed me with his charisma and business acumen so much that I requested him to do the training for my staff. Chris was a great addition to the team during the time he spent with us and even the experts in our company gained wonderful insight and inspiration by having Chris around."
- Lauren Volt, General Sales Manager

"I have really enjoyed this seminar and workshop today, it has been more than I expected. Chris made it fun and interesting. I will walk away today with more understanding of how to handle my customers and will pass this on to my staff."
- Jessie M., Personal Banking Officer

"Chris' lecture helped me to reinforce the practical skills of selling effectively. There is nothing esoteric or 'heavy' about it. I really like the aspect of creating life long relationships and seeing that an ice-cream cone adds up over time to be bigger than one might imagine. I will take this with me for a lifetime. - Tim Danyo, President & CEO. New Creation Productions

"I hired Chris Coltran to be a speaker at a large network marketing event that I produced. With over 700 attendees, Chris was one of the most popular speakers and a true professional. I'd hire Chris for all my events as a speaker and trainer." - Bill D., Event Planner

"Your Success Training and your Grandmother Philosophy is awesome!! Loved the principles you outlined and I am going to use them as I know they will enhance my business big time. Thanks again." - Leroy F., Business Owner

"I found Chris' seminar and workshop informative and it made me remember the basics that are so easy to forget."
- Keegan M., Retail Manager

"I very much enjoyed the seminar and workshop. Chris is fresh, enthusiastic, and engages with every participant. He uses personal experiences to relate his ideas and philosophies and draws from the experiences of those in attendance. Real life experiences make the best illustrations and visuals for learning. Chris uses humor in an excellent way that makes the time just fly by! Wish we had more time to learn from him. A great use of my time!"
- Lanell C., Office Manager

"Wow, talk about energy. Good thing they make microphones without wires. I didn't know what to expect and boy was I surprised. Chris supplied relevant information in an easy to understand style. If you get the chance to see Chris live-- don't miss it!"
- Rob P., Owner, Streamline Creative

"Great presentation. Using real life experiences make the class more interesting and gives good ideas on what or what not to do."
- Brenda S., Customer Service Supervisor

"I attended Chris' workshop in Orlando, FL just this past weekend and what a blast it was. Chris Coltran was phenomenal as usual, very effective in motivating and training individuals. I purchased his book as a result, and what a tool." - Dave M., sales

"Educational, Informational and Fun. Thanks."
- Dixie D., Broker-Owner Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

"Thanks for coming to our area to put on your seminar. I learned a lot and am excited about implementing your suggestions. I have already seen an increase in business. I appreciate everything you said and did. Keep up the good work." - Cynthia B., Direct Sales

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