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Custom training development for management, leadership, sales, and customer service for your business or company. C2 Unlimited offers a variety of Trainings, Workshops and Webinars. We have conducted hundreds of seminars around the country with thousands of attendees ranging from sales people, management, entrepreneurs, direct sales, multi-level marketing, corporate leadership and business owners. We can travel to your location and conduct the trainings or workshops on property or off property at your desired venue. We are based in Acworth, GA, serving Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, and Gwinnett. We also serve Cobb County, Fulton County, and Paulding County. We can also conduct your training during your association meeting or corporate convention or retreat. We specialize in creating custom trainings to meet your goals.
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The most valuable asset of any company is its people and their combined knowledge and education. You benefit when you invest in your employees by attracting, retaining, training and developing them.

C2 Unlimited will work with each segment of your company to analyze your areas of need, design and develop the training courses and materials necessary to fulfill those needs, implement the best and most efficient training methods; traditional, eLearning, or blended; and after completion, evaluate and measure your results. We offer personal or small group coaching and development when extra attention is required to reach individual or company goals.

ANALYSIS - After an initial determination of your company goals, we will do a needs-analysis of your entire company or specific department. Spending time with management and various employees, interviewing and asking questions we will determine all areas of need. We will seek out the information necessary to be able to address areas of concern.

DESIGN - Once analysis is complete, we will design training and learning programs that makes sense to your company. We will design custom courses and materials specific to your company and your industry. Once the design is complete, the next phase is actual development of the program.

DEVELOPMENT - The development phase is a very important aspect of the entire process. A well-developed program needs to be engaging and accepted by the entire organization. We have some of the best developers in the industry at our disposal and have received awards for how we formulate information.

IMPLEMENTATION - When the program is complete, it needs to be implemented using the best and most efficient training methods. We offer traditional, eLearning, and blended methods. We can integrate with your LMS and other systems. If you want to tie training with compensation, we can integrate with your HR as well.

EVALUATION - We will evaluate the program in real time. We will be involved in the evaluation process throughout the program. After completion, we will set up indicators that can be used to measure the initial and lasting impact of the skills being taught in the training.

We can also conduct webinars using the latest technology. Whether we conduct a training via the internet or in person, our trainings are engaging and interactive. They keep the audience tuned in to make sure participants walk away with the know-how and expertise to put to use the material being taught. Our goal is to make sure every participant comes away with a different perspective on their role within their company. Read what participants have to say.

Training, Workshop & Webinar Topics:

  • Grandmother PhilosophyTM - Based on the book, Selling to Your Grandmother. Covers all aspects of customer service as well as sales techniques. Offered in a full day workshop as well as a half day seminar. Also offered as a keynote presentation.
  • What You Say is What You GetTM - What you say to yourself and others is directly connected to what actually happens. The WYSIWYG concept holds true in your personal life and in your professional life. If you tell yourself you are going to fail, you will. Numerous examples exist that prove this point over and over again. Chris is also working on a book by the same title.
  • Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First Before Helping OthersTM - The same line you have heard every time you have boarded a plane. If you don't follow this instruction during an emergency, you are liable to pass out and die due to lack of oxygen. You can't help someone with their problem before you help yourself with your own problems. One needs to look in the mirror and evaluate their own life before handing out advice on life to others.
  • CUSTOMIZED TRAININGS - Traditional Training and ELS. We have created custom trainings for small companies as well large companies like The Home Depot. If you require eLearning or complete integration with your company, we can handle it. We have the knowledge and the expertise to develop a program that is right for you. We are a one-stop shop from analysis of your company, developing the training, writing, and implementation. No job is to big or too small.

  • Other Training Topics Include:

  • Managing Your Time
  • Prequalifying vs. Prejudging
  • People Do Business with People
  • Customer Service
  • Basic & Advanced Sales Training
  • Calling Center Selling Skills
  • Know Your Customer Better than Your Competition
  • The Selling Relationship
  • Thinking Positive
  • Selling Like a Child
  • Closing & Objections
  • The Personality Zoo
  • Crush Your Competition
  • Customized Trainings

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